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Virgin Health Bank and Doha Clinic Hospital Partner to Provide Families with Transplant Quality Cord Blood Banking

Doha Clinic Logo.jpgDoha, Qatar – June 21, 2011, Virgin Health Bank and Doha Clinic Hospital have signed an agreement through which they will collaborate and provide cord blood stem cell banking services to families giving birth at the hospital. Virgin Health Bank, which is the only cord blood bank licensed to operate in Qatar, will open Qatar’s only state-of-the-art stem cell processing and storage facility at the Qatar Science & Technology Park this Summer. Prior to Virgin Health Bank’s facility coming on line in Qatar, collected stem cell units are sent to Virgin Health Bank’s UK facility for processing and storage.
Doha Clinic Hospital’s General Manager, Dr. Osman Ramadan said, “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Virgin Health Bank and to have a partner with such a strong focus on quality and ethics. We have already started collecting cord blood for our patients, after our clinical and administrative staff worked closely with the team from Virgin Health Bank to ensure that the introduction of this new service progresses smoothly. The cord blood stem cell processing facility that Virgin Health Bank has built in Qatar is truly world class and a significant asset for Qatar. In the past we have been contacted by other operators for collaborations, but have refused to participate because they didn’t meet the standards that we demand for our patients. Doha Clinic Hospital and Virgin Health Bank are focused on meeting the needs of families who want to store their baby’s cord blood stem cells and we are proud to have them as our valued partner and respect their ethical approach in this undertaking.”
Dr. Rajan Jethwa, Virgin Health Bank’s Chief Executive Officer commented, “I am very pleased that we have concluded this agreement with Doha Clinic and that we’re now making our cord blood banking services available to their patients. We strongly believe that families must be provided with accurate, honest information and that it is important they are empowered to make informed choices about cord blood banking. We are working with Doha Clinic Hospital to ensure that appropriate information is readily available to their patients. Our team of specially trained Clinical Advisors is available to meet with families and provide them with information about cord blood banking. The Clinical Advisors can be contacted on +974 4405 1414. We also provide internet based information resources which can be found at”